Post 10: Sustainability and ethics

Online privacy and security:

Identity theft represents a threat to privacy when it involves the theft or assumption of the identity of a living person. While it is appropriate to introduce laws that criminalise identity theft, privacy laws may also assist in preventing the theft of a person’s identity and minimising the harm caused by identity theft after it has occurred. Identity theft can be committed for a number of reasons. For example the assumption of another person’s identity can facilitate the commission of identity crimes, including identity fraud, people smuggling and terrorism offences. Initiatives aimed at preventing identity theft generally aim to:

  • Educate individuals about how to minimise the risk of identity theft.
  • Enhance the security features of identification documents so that they cannot be altered or forged.
  • Strengthen the procedures used to authenticate the identity of individuals engaging in transactions with agencies or organisations.

Post 8: Sourcing Visual Imagery


New-Picture2-600x536 self-motivation

These two images are inspirational because it shows just how far man will push himself to reach his goal.



Vector 1 (created by Corey Loving)


Vector 2 (created by Boomberg)


8e62e6050bb381143483d7698aa3bb8e kid-pilot

Both these images feature a strong visual message. The first image depicts two cigarettes as a shotgun, symbolising how dangerous they are. The second picture depicts two kids dressed in pilot gear, pretending to be planes, representing their desire to fly one day.


main-qimg-58cd7373f4fecf363f4aa88c1610cb03 naturegolden1

The Golden ratio is a special number found by dividing a line into two parts so that the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part.



Created by wyldraven 

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Post 9: Ergonomics products

Anti-glare monitors are designed to cut down the amount of light reflected off the display. Reflected light or glare can cause fatigue to the eyes and reduces the contrast, colours and sharpness of the display. Anti-glare monitors make viewing a display more pleasant for most people, and reduces eyestrain.

Most LCD monitors have an anti-glare screen, though there are two types that have different advantages. The most common type is the matte finish display. This anti-glare monitor works by using the rough matte surface of the display to scatter light, rather than allowing it to reflect off a smooth surface.


Post 1: Deadlines

A deadline is the absolute latest time when a task must be finished and handed in. Breaking a deadline can have many different consequences, e.g. breaking a deadline can result in the people who needed the task completed missing their own deadlines.

Post 7: Typography

Example 1

Example 1

Example 2

Example 2

  1. In your example, is the style of the typeface suitable for the concept, explain why?
    • The typeface for the first example is suitable for the concept. The words are ordered nicely so it doesn’t confuse the reader, and the first word of each line is emphasized with different colours and slightly bigger text than the following word, making it more appealing.
    • The typeface for the second example is suitable for its concept. The lettering is spaced out nicely, not cluttering things up too much, and the font used allows it to form the shape of a footprint
  2. What is type hierarchy?
    • Type hierarchy is the ordering of text to make it easier for the reader to see where to read and in what order.
  3. What is legibility?
    • Legibility refers to how easy it is for someone to read individual characters in text.
  4. What is type kerning?
    • Type kerning is the adjustment of the space between two characters. It brings the characters closer together to prevent the reader being distracted by any discrepancies.
  5. What is type leading?
    • Leading is the amount of space between the lines of text, and is measured through the distance between two baselines. Adjusting the leading causes different effects to the readability of text. Lowering the leading brings the text closer together, making it look cramped and causes an increased reading pace. Increasing the leading spreads out the text, disrupting the flow of the text and creating a slower reading pace.

Post 2: Digital Imaging

  1. What is the difference between vector and raster in digital design?
    • Raster images are made out of pixels, vector images are made out of paths
  2. What is ppi?
    • Pixels Per Inch
  3. What is the standard resolution used for images that are uploaded to the internet?
    • 72dpi
  4. What is the standard resolution for images to be used in print?
    • 300dpi
  5. What is the difference between resizing an image and resampling an image?
    • Resizing changes the image size without changing the number of pixels. Resampling changes the number of pixels.
  6. In Photoshop what path would you use to find the dialogue box used to assess images?
    • Images > Image Size